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Celebrate Your Love that is Special and Strong with Beautiful Blooms

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air, so watch out for Cupid’s flying arrows! It’s the season of love, so take some time out of your hectic schedule to tell that special someone how much they mean to you.

Since ancient times, flowers have always been in use to express love and romance. So, here we’ve listed the meanings of Valentine’s Day flowers if you’re considering buying some flowers as a romantic gesture.

Red Roses

Red roses are the most common and iconic choice for a Valentine’s Day celebration. They symbolize love, beauty, and romance, and show your partner how much they mean to you. Since it’s the sought-after flowers of the season, some florists hold back their rose bushes for Valentine’s Day in advance.


Show your significant other your love and commitment with these long-stemmed and elegant flowers. Due to their sophisticated yet vibrant style and affordable price, tulips have enjoyed widespread popularity throughout the world.


A bouquet of orchids symbolizes a love that is special and strong and reveals that special someone how much you care. These are hardy flowers that can survive well in pots and bouquets, so you both can enjoy them for a long time to come.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are well-known for their wide head and represent pure beauty, innocence, and honesty. These flowers are always a pleasure to receive and will grant an additional portion of cheerfulness.


Also called as buttercups, these swirly, colorful flowers express charm, attraction, and radiance. They come in a wide range of colors including white, pink, red, yellow, orange, and more.

This Valentine’s Day, pick a bouquet of roses, sunflower, ranunculus, or tulips from the leading flower shop Des Moines, WA: Shady Vines Floral Co. to express true happiness, prosperity, and romance to your better half.

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