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What You Need

Tropical inspired arrangement

Corporate Flower Program

Make a great first impression, create an inviting atmosphere, and liven up your workspace.

This subscription flower service begins with a free site visit where we help find where your flowers will make the most impact. During this visit we also determine the most appropriate sizes, colors, and aesthetic for your arrangements. Once our site visit is complete, we will send you vase options that will be rotated on a weekly basis. 

Once weekly fresh flowers will be delivered to your business, and your old arrangements will be picked up.

Have a special event or VIP clients? Give us a call at least one day in advance and we would be happy to add on extra arrangements that are sure to make a statement.

Shady Vines Floral Co. also does planters and terrariums that can be replaced every 4-6 weeks, but with a little care from our team could extend beyond that!

 Give us a call or send us an email. We would love to create something beautiful for you!


Need a fun and relaxing way to bring your employees together? Shady Vines offers a variety of classes that do just that. Classes can be taught in our store, with a maxiumum of 30 students, and you can bring your own food and drink! Need more space? We would love to come to wherever you are hosting your event! 

Our Classes:




Hand tieds

Prices vary by class but are charged per person. We provide all necessary supplies.

Mini succulent terrarium
Making Flower Arrangements

Shady Vines Flower Cart

Planning an event with a farmers market feel? Want memorable favors? Book us today! The Shady Ladies will come to your event with custom made wrapped bouquets and hand them out to your guests.

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