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Frequently Asked Questions

Are consultations free?

Yes. Consultations are free and no obligation. Once you have your proposal please take your time going over everything and deciding if we are a good fit. We can let you know if someone else inquires about your date on request. If you decide another florist is a better fit for you we wish you all the best with your wedding and beyond. We do appreciate it when couples let us know they went in another direction, but it is not required. 

My proposal came in over budget, is it ok to ask about making changes?

Absolutley! We are very passionate about transparent pricing and being budget concious. During the initial consultation we like to discuss everything you could possibly want so your proposal comes in the highest it could be. We also make recommendations on where you could use items twice to get the most out of your flowers. If things are still coming in over budget we can look at switching out flower varities, decreasing sizing, and other alternatives. 

I have already booked you, is it ok to make changes to my order?

Yes. We are happy to make changes to your order anytime before the final payment is due. Once the final payment is recieved we put in your order with our wholesalers so we can no longer accept reductions in quantities but we are happy to try and repurpose the flowers. If you are needing us to add something on last minute we can try to get in more product and make it cohesive but we can't guarantee an exact match. 

In rare circumstances if you reduce too much of your order, pricing may increase on certain items. This is because we have to order your flowers by the bunch, so if your order requires only 2 stems of a certain flower instead of the original 10 stems we quoted you for we still have to charge enough to cover those costs. 

My order is small, can we pick it up?

Yes. We operate out of a private studio in Burien and are happy to schedule a curbside pick up for you. We also offer free delivery to Burien and Des Moines so if you happen to live in those areas we can coordinate a delivery at no charge. 

Do you have an order minimum?

No. We realize every couple is unique with different budgets and weddings. We respect that flowers may not be the most important part of your wedding day to you. For small orders we may not be able to offer delivery to your venue depending on driver availability, but we can coordinate a pick up or residential delivery time. 

I am thinking of DIYing my flowers, can you sell me some by the bunch/stem?

Yes. We are happy to order your flowers in for you. We need to know varieties, colors, and quantities. With the current flower market it is best to get your order in with us asap for the best chance at getting everything on your list. We recommend getting your flowers 2 days before your wedding date so you have time to put everything together, and get more product if necessary. It is best to do a test run with grocery store flowers to figure out your recipes and so you have a better idea of how long it will take you. 

You will recieve your product out of water in boxes just as we do. If you would like us to process them (strip leaves, cut, and dip) and put them in buckets for your we are happy to do so for an extra fee. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about pricing, just remember it could fluctuate between now and your wedding date. 

I have a friend who offered to do our x arrangement, can you only do our x arrangements?

This one doesn't have a straight answer. We have an exclusivity clause in our contract stating we are to be the sole florist for your wedding. This is so we can keep everything cohesive, keep credit for our flowers, and not take credit for work we didnt do.


If you, your family, or friend(s) are trying to cut cost by just laying down greenery on tables, or down the aisle we are happy to do whatever else you need done. If you/they plan on making more intricate arrangements we think another florist will probably be a better fit for you. 

We would love to quote you on the items you are thinking of DIYing. Although it may be more costly, it might not be as much as you think and it may also be worth it so you are not more stressed the night before worrying if your flowers will hold up, trying to get them done, or taking time away from getting ready day of. 

What does the set up fee on my proposal include?

The set up fee covers the time it takes for me to be at your venue to set up any items on your order. If you only ordered personal flowers, or if your centerpieces can just be set on the tables there is no set up fee. If I need to decorate an arch, tie flowers to chairs, lay out loose greenery, place flowers on the cake etc., that will all be included in your set up fee. 

If you have any items that are part of the arrangements I am providing that you would like me to set up (such as candles, lights, etc.) please let me know so I can factor that into my set up time. I am happy to help with this I just ask that all items be organized out of their original packaging. If day of you have candles still in plastic or vases taped in individual boxes this will add additional time I need to bill for, and I may still need to be working as guests arrive.

The set up fee DOES NOT cover me needing to come back to the venue to take down any installations, arch decor, etc. Most of the time my work can easily be cut down by a coordinator or family member, but check with your venue to make sure that is ok and let me know asap if I need to add it to your order, and so I can schedule it in my calendar. If I do not find out until day of that I need to come back and tear down, I may not be available and will need to call someone in from my team and charge an on-call fee and/or I will  charge a late tear down fee. 

Do you work with wedding coordinators?

Yes I am happy to! I have worked with a lot of great coordinators and they are a great tool to help you navigate the planning process. If you have a coordinator please introduce us via email. When it comes time to figure out arrival/set up times I like to be able to ask both of you logistics. 

Have a question you dont see here?

Please dont hestitate to contact me! It is best to reach me via email at I am the only one I trust with my emails so I guarantee I will be the one replying!

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